Snowing in the City

Couple walking through a snow covered park with a large umbrella

I mentioned to someone on Twitter the other day that we ‘never get proper snow in central London’.

Bowater House on the Golden Lane Estate with snow covered gardens

And then it snowed. And melted a bit so not ‘proper snow’.

Red pillarbox in the snow on a street corner

But then today it started snowing again and just kept on snowing all day.

St Paul's cathedral against a snowy sky

It seemed a shame to stay indoors all day so we went for a walk in what is probably the heaviest snowfall I’ve since here in the past few years.

TIny snowman with one arm and a block of flats in the background

So it seems that it might not happen very often but occasionally we do get ‘proper’ snow in central London.

Waterloo Sunset

London Eye and the Houses of Parliament silhouetted against the sunset

No matter how many times I go there Waterloo Bridge always amazes me with its views. This was the early sunset on Sunday afternoon.

If you’re only in London for a few hours I’d recommend visiting just this bridge because you can see so many sights all in one go, including but not limited to, St Paul’s Cathedral, the National Theatre, the Oxo Tower and distant views of Canary Wharf.

London pigeon sitting on a wall

And obviously, it’s difficult to visit any part of London without seeing a pigeon or four.