Christmases Past

2010 At home and near St Paul's Cathedral. 2011 In and around Covent Garden. The enormous Lego tree in St Pancras Station. 2013 Sort of cheating as I took this photo in July but it's Santa advertising cigarettes (I think). What could be more Christmassy than that?! I haven't forgotten Christmas 2012.

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10 Ways to Give In To Fear

Every so often I'll realise that I've not been spending much time (if any) doing the creative things that I enjoy and that give me some perspective in my daily life. Taking photos and drawing get me noticing the things around me that I might not otherwise see. They help me to slow down and [...]

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Daily Decluttering

Unpacking and Decluttering I've been decluttering over the past week or two. Every so often I find it kind of therapeutic to go through some of the things I own and make a decision about what stays and what goes. A recent house move means that once again I have been faced with the reality [...]

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Memories of Life in Helsinki

Into the Unknown In 2009 I went to live in Helsinki. It was a bit spur-of-the-moment and I'd never even visited Finland before but me and my (now) husband arrived in early February and ended up staying for 3 months. I suppose it's debatable as to whether this was 'living there' or just an extended [...]

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Procrastinating With Pens and Paint

I had visions of doing lots of practical things yesterday - there are always lots of 'useful' things I think I could or should be getting done and I did pop to the shops which I think counts as doing something useful. The rest of the day I spent resting, reading and doing a bit [...]

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